About us

Everything started with a wholesalebusiness for leather.

Sigerist GmbH has taken over the company Carl Sigerist AG which had been founded in 1867 by Carl Sigerist. Today the company is still located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

We trade, develop and produce a wide variety of technical components.

We specialise in:

  • fixed or mobile support systems (wheels, casters, anti-vibration, leveling elements)
  • drive elements (shaft couplings, clamping bushes, clamp collars and belt drives)
  • linear and telescoping guides.

Additionally we have a CNC-Service-Center. We therefore are able to fulfill client wishes immediate and flexible. – Timing and quality are therefore in our hands.

Ordering Process

Ordering Process


Order via E-Mail, fax or telephone.

Prices are ex work, without freight, packing and taxes.
Payment Options

Payment opions are invoice or prepayment.
The data for the credit tansfer is written down on the invoice or the prepayment document.


SIGERIST – a Name with tradition.

  • 1867

    the tanner Carl Sigerist-Schalch founded a wholesalebusiness for leather in Schaffhausen.

  • 1894/1895

    A kitchen for feeding the poors, a newspaper and a restaurant are annexed, which leads to a splitting up of the resources.

  • 1907

    The sons Heinrich and Bernhard Sigerist take over the business. They concentrate on the leather products.

  • 1948

    the 3rd generation Heiner and Bernhard Sigerist enter the company. Change of the sales programme towards the industrial products. The first items were V-belts and soft foams.

  • 1961

    Swing doors are developed with good success. Sigerist is within a few years the market leader in Switzerland. Licencees in Europe and Overseas.

  • 1972/1980

    Establishment of new premises in the industrial quarter Herblingertal.

  • 1976

    the 4th generation, Stefan Sigerist, enters. Further extension of the sales programme with special hoses, antivibration elements and shaft couplings.

  • 1977

    liquidation of the leather articles.

  • 1991

    start of the development of transparent rolling doors.

  • 1995

    start of the development of leveling elements and special casters.

  • 1996

    start of the production of shaft couplings in Hungary and in Switzerland.

  • 1999

    start of the machining workshop with automatic machines.

  • 2000

    development of the export for selected products.

  • 2012

    sale of the business with doors as well as the the business with employment protection, compressed air etc.

  • 2013

    take over by Sigerist GmbH – the next generation. Sabrina Beyerle the niece of Stefan Sigerist takes over the business.

  • 2014

    Contruction of the Lifting System Easy-Synchro

  • (Schweiz) 2015

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Schweiz.

  • 2017

    150th anniversary.